What is The IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi?

What is The IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

Every year thousands of cases of infertility emerge from the different part of the country. It is simply a menace in our society that has shattered the dream of a large number of couples of becoming parents. However, it is just not the infertility that is looming around as a threatening disease in our society, the real problem is also with the treatment expenditure and cost. As it is known to everyone now that most infertility cases are now treatable and several infertility clinics are in the queue to take your case to its immediate effect, but the cost is something that put a halt in the mind of many, even before they start the treatment for it.

Dr Shobha Gupta, the founder and director of Mother’s Lap IVF Centre, explain that just a few decades ago, they are very few people know about the IVF treatment. For the rest of them, it is a mysterious or ambiguous term. All they know about it is that it is an infertility treatment, or they also know it by the name of test tube babies. This is the reason why, most of the people just wonder how much an IVF treatment cost to them? It is only when the issue of infertility spread to wide corner in our country, people start talking, discussing and exploring more about the treatment procedure and the treatment cost of IVF.

A Brief Introduction to Infertility and IVF

Undoubtedly, infertility has become a common phenomenon in our society, There is hardly any couple who left unheard of this term. Today, one in every six couples are affected by infertility and it is no more a secret disease anymore. It is one the part of our stressful life. It is the method of assisted reproduction technology in which a woman’s egg and the male sperm are combined together in a culture dish called In Vitro in a laboratory environment to fertilize. When the embryo develops as a result of fertilization, it is transferred to the uterus, where it is expected to implant in the womb and thus pregnancy occurs. This the one who cycle, the couple usually requires more than one cycle to achieve success through IVF treatment.

The Cost of IVF Treatment

Are on the edge of your seat? Well, let’s start then. To analyze, assess and evaluate the cost of IVF treatment, there is no one mark to read, you have to keep in mind certain things that make it to the overall cost of the treatment.

Whether it is Delhi or some other part of the country IVF treatment cost is not the same anywhere. It might get a bit up and down significantly, depending upon the location and the inclusion of the packages in the whole treatment. It is also in trend to give a specific amount for the whole IVF treatment cycle until you got the result. You might get lucky in the first or second cycle, or it might take 4 or 5 cycles. Whatever the number of cycle you have to pay just once.

The Average Cost of IVF Per Cycle

The average cost of IVF treatment for one cycle is something in between 2.5 lacs to 4 lacs or sometimes more than that. It can be as low as 1-1.5 lacs. Do not be surprise, it is indeed a standard IVF cost which you have to pay for each cycle. It also needs to be envisaged that it usually takes more than one or two cycles to conceive with the help of IVF treatment method.

Delhi IVF Cost Comparison Vs Other States

Sans doubt, if you compare to the Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi from the cost of IVF in other states such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata, you will observe that Delhi’s cost is comparatively cheaper and effective. Thus, it is advantageous for the couples who are living in Delhi and want to pursue IVF treatment. As the location and availability of the technology can impact the cost of the IVF, people from different states make their way to Delhi for the treatment, which is not a big surprise at all.

Advance IVF Treatment Cost

If the patient are willing to go with the advance IVF treatment, again, no surprise, they have to bring out more money from their pocket. For example, if they want to use the ICSI treatment, they have to shell out an additional amount of 1.5 lacs to 2.5 lacs. Similarly, if you chose the option of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), it will cost you around 1.2 lacs in addition to the IVF cost you pay.

The Factors that Influence the Cost of IVF

There are several factors that come into play while you consider the total and ultimate cost of IVF treatment. It may include:

  • The age of the women for IVF treatment

  • The cost of donor egg or sperm for IVF treatment

  • The cost of donor embryo for IVF procedure

  • The cost of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

  • The cost of Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)

  • Freezing of embryo for IVF treatment

This is a clear indication that IVF is going an challenging for you financially. Also, you need to be wary about the false or the cheap cost offer, as it might not include all the charges of the treatment which they may add you later in the final bill. So, it is always wise to discuss the total cost of the treatment which is going to incur on the treatment and there should not be any hidden costs or bill to give you shock later.

By and Large, the cost of IVF in Delhi is comparatively affordable, while the IVF specialists in the IVF clinic possess that ability and equipped with relevant technology and technique to facilitate positive and favorable solutions with the help of IVF treatment method. This is certainly a positive sign for the couples who stake so much with this treatment both on financially and emotional level.

What Causes of Infertility Can be Treated Using IVF

What Causes of Infertility Can be treated using IVF1

Infertility is one of the most talked topics these days among the couples. It is certainly an issue to address. Especially for those who are unknown with the facts and information about the causes of infertility and the treatment that is available in the form of IVF. There is no doubt that infertile couples are located all over the world. Every one out of six couples, presently, is suffering from this issue. Hence, certainly it is no the issue of our country only. The problem is infertility is right there for ages, however, a difference in the situation of the past with the current is that there is an IVF treatment available today to cure this problem.

The problem of infertility is not a disease, but, it is considered as the body’s inability to conceive. The causes of infertility in male and female is almost equally divided between them, such as 35% of the cases are pertinent to female dominant factors while male dominant factors are also responsible in 35% of the cases. The rest of the cases are fall under the category of unexplained infertility. It precisely indicates that both male and female factors are prevalent and dominant and require an expert and specialized supervision of an IVF specialist who can provide you the solution of this problem.

Dr Shobha Gupta, who is distinguished and renowned IVF specialist explains that the causes of infertility can be treated using IVF treatment methods, which is the part of the assisted reproduction technique to facilitate a proper solution to the couples who are striving hard to come out from this situation. An IVF may be the best option in a variety of causes of infertility and provide you the family you want. It is the process in which egg and sperm are put together to get the fertilization in the laboratory condition. The embryo is then transferred to the woman’s uterus in the search of pregnancy.

The causes of infertility can effectively be treated using IVF methods, here are lists of such condition and problem where IVF can prove to be elixir for you:

Male Infertility Factors

All male infertility factors are duly related to the sperm issue. Low sperm count, poor sperm quality, sperm abnormality, low motility are some of the causes that can affect the fertility in woman that is caused by male factor issue. In other case, inability to intercourse with the female partner, or blockage in the tube which allow the sperm to mix with the semen, is also the situation where IVF can be a perfect choice for the treatment. Under the different circumstances, male sperm can be surgically retrieved in the lab from his testicles, bypassing the blockage, and later use it for the fertilization process outside the body in the lab. In case of low sperm count, in which sperm is unable to penetrate the egg, ICSI process is quite effective, in which a single healthy sperm is selected and directly injected into the egg.

Female Infertility Factors

If the male infertility factors are directly associated with the sperm, the female infertility is all about producing the egg and moving it to the uterus where it can be fertilized by the sperm. The embryo is then implanted into the wall of the womb. When these steps or processes are interrupted due to any reason, it is called infertility, and then the role of IVF comes into effect.

The female issue may occur due to blocked or harmed fallopian tubes, endometriosis issue, uterine fibroids, PCOS etc. Under such condition the egg is extracted from the ovaries through surgery and fertilized with the egg during the IVF procedure and the embryo is directly transferred to the uterus where it is expected to implants. In this way, the problem with the fallopian tubes are completely discarded.

Ovulation Disorder

To assess the condition of ovulation, the infertility doctor follows up a blood test to evaluate the level of follicle stimulation hormone (FSH) luteinizing hormone (LH) that is responsible for the eggs to ripen and detach from the ovary. Good quality of egg production can be affected with the growing age of the women, especially after the age of 35 years.

IVF can come to the rescue under such condition as well. The woman’s ovary is stimulated by injecting fertility drugs to produce more eggs, which is surgically retrieved and fertilized in the lab with the sperm. Through IVF treatment, it is also possible to use donor egg from a relatively younger donor which can significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant at your age near 40.

Recurrent Miscarriage, Inherited Genetic Disease or Unsuccessful IVF

There are couples who usually experience recurrent miscarriage. They may also run at the risk of carrying inherited genetic disease or may be their IVF is not getting successful. Such couples may be the candidate of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is the procedure in which an embryo is chosen for transfer, which is free from any chromosomal abnormalities and genetic disorder. It is performed in the laboratory with the help of IVF procedure. It comprehensively assists the embryo to implant and grow into a healthy baby.

Unexplained Infertility

There are conditions during the infertility issue that a couple has been through all the relevant testing and checkup and receive no reason for infertility, however, they still could not get pregnant. It might be unbelievable condition which is referred as ‘unexplained infertility’. Despite the fact there is nothing in the medical diagnosis, this is not the end of the world for you. Dr Shobha Gupta, on the basis of her long experience reiterates that you need not to panic as IVF can be a saviour procedure to be utilized under such condition as well. Several such incidents have been solved by the infertility specialist using IVF procedure and helped the couples in getting pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

In a nutshell, the reason for infertility can be treated with the help of IVF treatment method. It may take some time to understand your case for the infertility doctors at times, however, IVF is potentially a door to achieve your dream of achieving parenthood and embrace a baby bliss in your life.

How to Reduce Stress When Trying to Conceive

Sleeping Girl on the bed. on light background

It is often said that two things are always be with you in your mind – Stress and Sex. Of course, there is no harm in the co-existence of the two terms altogether in the mind, as there are several other things exist in our mind. However, the problem is that when these two collide with each other while you are trying to conceive, it might create a collateral damage not only to your physical health, but also to the process of conception as well.

Can Stress Really Affect Your Fertility?

Several studies say that our body tries to do whatever it takes to avoid conception from occurring during the time of extreme stress. It is due to the adrenaline, a hormone that is excreted by our body when we are going through the time of stress or excessive anxiety. It literally gives signals to our body that situation is not favorable for conceiving. As a consequence, the adrenaline prevents our body to make use of the hormone, progesterone, that is imperative for our fertility or producing pregnancy possibility. In addition, it also encourages the pituitary glands to release higher level of prolactin that is also responsible for our infertility.

Stress is a Disaster for Fertility

As already mentioned above, the point is further invigorated by several recent research as well. It describes that when you are in stress, it automatically stimulates the level of stress hormone such as adrenaline, catecholamines, and cortisol, such stimulation of hormone in our body can drastically prevent and affect the release of the body’s main hormone like gonadotropin release hormone (GnRH) that is extremely significant and responsible for the release of sex hormones. As a result, they may suppress the ovulation in women, comprehensively decrease the sperm count in men as well as lower libido in both the male and female.

All such factors emphasize on the fact that stress is not good for you while you are trying to conceive successfully. It could be major reason if you are not able to conceive while doing everything right and on time. In fact, when medical tests could not locate any firm reason for your infertility, you must evaluate the stress factors in your life and try to lower it down as less as possible. So here are some tips that can considerably help you to reduce stress while you are trying to conceive.

Some Proven Ways to De-Stress While Trying to Conceive

Be happy, laugh louder

It is often said, laughter is the best medicine. It’s quite true in many senses. Laughter or happy moments in your life is the best anti-biotic for stress. Several studies refer that long term happiness can significantly improve your personal satisfaction, reduce anxiety and stress as well as refresh your mood on a consistent basis. Apart from this, it also plays a major role how you respond during stress and tension situation. Here are few spot on tips to keep yourself happy if your partner is not able to blast a big laughter bomb.

  • See a comedy movie

  • Practice laughter yoga

  • spend time with friends or family members who often make you laugh

  • You can read jokes on Google or watch funny videos on You Tube

Workout to Bust out Stress

Any form of exercise is essential for overall development of your body and it also helps your body to eliminate the stress and stress factor from your mind. During the workout, our body releases increased amount of endorphins, a chemical that is mainly responsible for feel good factor. You can adhere to any of form of exercise as per your time and convenience, such as walking, running, playing any sports, dancing, yoga, aerobics or hitting the gym floor.

Have a Sex for Fun and Relax

Believe me, sex itself is a great stress buster. Do it with free and relax mind while you are trying to conceive. It will be a panacea for your all kinds of stress and boost your fertility factors as well. Do not try to calculate anything such as, what day or date it is, your cycle prompts, how should you do it to conceive and so on. The performance and the benefits of having sex with your partner enhance manifold when you try to do it without any prior expectation or intent in your mind.

Change the Way You Behave during Stress

Of course, you can react, but who says to react in anger and stressful manner. Learn how to remain as calm as possible when you react during any tense moment. Anger, frustration, irritation, etc. all wants to reduce your fertility. Keep them at bay with your control demeanor.

Ear Right and Connect to Yourself

Eating is everything. It immensely helps to increase you to conceive. Right and balanced diet keeps your body healthy and fit that is essential to conceive. Connect to yourself and feel good about everything you do. for more detail visit: http://www.motherslapivf.com

Get Your Infertility Problem Treated by the Best IVF Specialist in Delhi

IVF has grown widely popular in the last few years with the improvements in medical technology. The truth is that it has come up with many hopes to a number of couples who have actually lost a hope of becoming a parent of a baby to complete their family.

Get Your Infertility Problem Treated by the Best IVF Specialist in Delhi 1

IVF is an abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization, which is a sort of process performed in a laboratory to treat the infertile women and men. An IVF specialist in Delhi compiles an egg with sperm with the help of specific methods in a glass container or rather a dish. Well, many also know this process with the phrase of ‘test tube’ baby method, although it is a bit skewed description. After that, the embryos are tested and transferred into the uterus area of the woman. IVF method first came into existence in the year of 1978 and since then a large number of babies have been created with this fertility treatment.

Although it may be a widely recognized fertility treatment, it doesn’t suit to all people with infertile problem. The most important factors that may deem IVF process possible would be the following:

  • Where a woman is suffering from the tubal problems and doctors have found her fallopian blocked. If this is the case, it’s difficult for the sperm to travel to the uterus thus intervention is a much needed thing to do to make pregnancy possible.

  • Where a man is suffering from a low sperm count or he is having issues with sperm motility and it’s not possible at all to travel the sperm through the fallopian tubes. In that case, it is advised to remove the sperm and place an egg via IVF to make pregnancy possible.

  • It has also been noticed that severe endometriosis could be responsible for affecting the fertilization of the egg. In short, it could also be responsible for affecting the implantation of the embryo in the uterus area, thus following these steps is good to overcome the problem with a fertility treatment.

  • A large number of women today suffer from ovarian issues which are accountable to prevent the eggs from being released, thus it is advisable extract the eggs to pair with the sperm.

  • Fibroid tumours as well as a uterus with abnormal shape can affect fertility thus IVF can be considered as a viable option to treat the problem in such cases.

  • Several conditions where infertility is found to be inexplicable may also warrant IVF as a finest alternative for couples.

Once the issue has been found out and you plan to proceed with IVF, these are the stages.

Ovulation induction is known as the first step in this process.

In the next step, the egg is retrieved.

Embryo culture as well as fertilization is the very next step.

Then on a final stage, the embryo is transferred to a uterus area of the woman.

IVF has undoubtedly popular as a worldwide recognized medically advanced process, and it has come up with many outstanding results for couples who want to have a baby.

Although many centers available in the NCR region claim to offer the best infertility treatment options to couples seeking for a baby, a reputed center guided under the supervision of a skilled IVF Specialist in Delhi can help make your dream come true.

Mother’s Lap is a hugely trusted IVF clinic in Delhi with a rich history of providing the personalized infertility treatment to many couples with a personal touch. They strive hard to understand the problem and need of every couple with the proper attention. The centre uses a dignified and detailed approach to deliver the outcomes in a state-of-the-art laboratory with the help of advanced reproductive technologies. Once you visit such a reputed centre, you are rest assured of analyzing your problem in the best possible ways and suggesting with the most effective solutions at comparatively lower overhead costs.

Surrogacy- Now Everyone Can Have a Baby

Surrogacy is a contract or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for A persons, who will become the newborn child’s parents after birth.

Surrogacy- Now Everyone Can Have a Baby

There are two types of surrogacy:

1. Traditional Surrogacy: When the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the father. She then carries the child full term and delivers it for the couple. In this case, surrogate becomes the biological mother of the child.

2. Gestational Surrogacy: In this case, eggs from the mother are fertilized with the sperms of father and then the embryo is placed in the uterus of the surrogate. In this case, the biological mother is whose eggs are used while the surrogate is called as the birth mother of the child.

Why Couples Opt for Surrogacy?

Infertility of both or any one of the parents.

Age or health issues of the mother.

Recurring miscarriages.

It may also be a matter of choice to have a baby not conventionally, but by surrogacy.

What to Look for in a Surrogate Mother?

The surrogate mother should be entirely trustworthy, responsible, and committed to seeing the pregnancy through to completion.

She should be aware of the risks in pregnancy and particularly in surrogacy.

A woman between the ages of 21-42 years is preferable for surrogacy.

She should be in excellent health, should have given birth to a healthy child and knows all problems of pregnancy.

She should be in pink of her mental health too.

She should agree to remain smoke-free and alcohol-free throughout the pregnancy and also during the Pre-implantation period.

Surrogate mothers have given children to many babies and surrogacy has a world-wide success rate. It has been tested that 95% of the women actually get pregnant because of surrogacy. Rest 5% may not get pregnant because of the age issues or some health issues. It depends on the right choice of a surrogate mother. You should be very careful and observant while choosing a surrogate mother for your new-born. More than anything surrogacy has also become a trend for single people who want to have a baby. For example, Indian celebrity Tusshar Kapoor recently took the path of surrogacy and had his little one.

It is also advisable to choose a right clinic to carry out the process. The following are the features of a good fertility clinic:

The fertility clinic should be affordable.

Should have high success rate.

Should use state-of-the-art proven technology for the treatments.

Should have highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Should carry a transparent process in terms of all documents, treatments, and everything.

Should answer all your queries related to the process with any ado.

Surrogacy has become a blessing for all those parents who can’t have a baby naturally. It has also become a matter of luxury. It is also very important to choose the right surrogate and surrogacy clinic for you. If you are in Delhi you will find Best IVF Clinic in Delhi. Everyone can now have a baby!

How to Increase Fertility in Women

Fertility is a natural capability of having an offspring. It is an aspect of our life that most of us taken for granted. We think that it has been blessed to us by God and we will definitely be able to make our family but if that is the case why many women face problem conceiving? What are we women doing wrong? It is not any curse given to us by God; rather it is our own carelessness that prevents most of the women in India having trouble carrying an offspring. A bit of change in our own lifestyle can make a lot of difference and help to boost fertility.

How to Increase Fertility in Women

Let us look at some of the ways to naturally boost up fertility:

Staying well nourished boosts your odds of conceiving. Make sure you add vitamin C, vitamin D, iron and zinc in your diet. Having a protein rich diet like fish, egg, cheese, tofu etc is good for women. A healthy woman mostly gives birth to a healthy baby. So stay healthy!

Keep a check at what you drink! Many studies have shown alcohol consumption reduces chances of women getting pregnant. Alcohol lowers estrogen levels, which may interfere with egg implantation, although having in limited rate might not harm fertility. You should also keep a check on the amount of caffeine you consume in a day. Caffeine should be taken in a limited amount. It is also recommended to stay hydrated throughout the day.

It is very important to watch your weight. An increase in body fat may lead to overproduction of hormones while less weight may lead to under production of hormones and therefore, your weight should be normal. Add yoga and exercise in your routine to manage weight.

Watch where you work! If your workplace involves interaction with chemicals and pesticides then it may affect your menstrual cycle and in turn your fertility. Even women working in rotating shifts are more prone to fertility problems.

Say no to smoking! Cigarette toxins not only damage a woman’s eggs, interfering with the fertilization and implantation process, but also cause ovaries to age. It means ovaries of 35-year smoker belong to ovaries of women aged 42 years that means less ovary production because of age.

You should know your menstrual cycle. A normal cycle lasts about 21 to 35 days but if your cycle is noticeably longer, it is a signal of ovulating less. So if there is any irregularity in your cycle consult your doctor!

Experts suspect that stress, like heavy exercise, may throw off your body’s hormone production, making your menstrual cycle less reliable. Seek serenity in your life by regular yoga and practice of meditation.

These are some of the little changes in your lifestyle which will make a lot of difference in boosting your fertility. So take care of the signs your body gives you and if any of the irregularities last longer visit your doctor. If you are in Delhi, visit the best IVF Center in Delhi. It is your body and your responsibility to take care of it to have wonderful family ahead. Having babies is blissful. Enjoy the whole process without any issues!