How to Reduce Stress When Trying to Conceive

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It is often said that two things are always be with you in your mind – Stress and Sex. Of course, there is no harm in the co-existence of the two terms altogether in the mind, as there are several other things exist in our mind. However, the problem is that when these two collide with each other while you are trying to conceive, it might create a collateral damage not only to your physical health, but also to the process of conception as well.

Can Stress Really Affect Your Fertility?

Several studies say that our body tries to do whatever it takes to avoid conception from occurring during the time of extreme stress. It is due to the adrenaline, a hormone that is excreted by our body when we are going through the time of stress or excessive anxiety. It literally gives signals to our body that situation is not favorable for conceiving. As a consequence, the adrenaline prevents our body to make use of the hormone, progesterone, that is imperative for our fertility or producing pregnancy possibility. In addition, it also encourages the pituitary glands to release higher level of prolactin that is also responsible for our infertility.

Stress is a Disaster for Fertility

As already mentioned above, the point is further invigorated by several recent research as well. It describes that when you are in stress, it automatically stimulates the level of stress hormone such as adrenaline, catecholamines, and cortisol, such stimulation of hormone in our body can drastically prevent and affect the release of the body’s main hormone like gonadotropin release hormone (GnRH) that is extremely significant and responsible for the release of sex hormones. As a result, they may suppress the ovulation in women, comprehensively decrease the sperm count in men as well as lower libido in both the male and female.

All such factors emphasize on the fact that stress is not good for you while you are trying to conceive successfully. It could be major reason if you are not able to conceive while doing everything right and on time. In fact, when medical tests could not locate any firm reason for your infertility, you must evaluate the stress factors in your life and try to lower it down as less as possible. So here are some tips that can considerably help you to reduce stress while you are trying to conceive.

Some Proven Ways to De-Stress While Trying to Conceive

Be happy, laugh louder

It is often said, laughter is the best medicine. It’s quite true in many senses. Laughter or happy moments in your life is the best anti-biotic for stress. Several studies refer that long term happiness can significantly improve your personal satisfaction, reduce anxiety and stress as well as refresh your mood on a consistent basis. Apart from this, it also plays a major role how you respond during stress and tension situation. Here are few spot on tips to keep yourself happy if your partner is not able to blast a big laughter bomb.

  • See a comedy movie

  • Practice laughter yoga

  • spend time with friends or family members who often make you laugh

  • You can read jokes on Google or watch funny videos on You Tube

Workout to Bust out Stress

Any form of exercise is essential for overall development of your body and it also helps your body to eliminate the stress and stress factor from your mind. During the workout, our body releases increased amount of endorphins, a chemical that is mainly responsible for feel good factor. You can adhere to any of form of exercise as per your time and convenience, such as walking, running, playing any sports, dancing, yoga, aerobics or hitting the gym floor.

Have a Sex for Fun and Relax

Believe me, sex itself is a great stress buster. Do it with free and relax mind while you are trying to conceive. It will be a panacea for your all kinds of stress and boost your fertility factors as well. Do not try to calculate anything such as, what day or date it is, your cycle prompts, how should you do it to conceive and so on. The performance and the benefits of having sex with your partner enhance manifold when you try to do it without any prior expectation or intent in your mind.

Change the Way You Behave during Stress

Of course, you can react, but who says to react in anger and stressful manner. Learn how to remain as calm as possible when you react during any tense moment. Anger, frustration, irritation, etc. all wants to reduce your fertility. Keep them at bay with your control demeanor.

Ear Right and Connect to Yourself

Eating is everything. It immensely helps to increase you to conceive. Right and balanced diet keeps your body healthy and fit that is essential to conceive. Connect to yourself and feel good about everything you do. for more detail visit: http://www.motherslapivf.com

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