What is The IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi?

What is The IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi

Every year thousands of cases of infertility emerge from the different part of the country. It is simply a menace in our society that has shattered the dream of a large number of couples of becoming parents. However, it is just not the infertility that is looming around as a threatening disease in our society, the real problem is also with the treatment expenditure and cost. As it is known to everyone now that most infertility cases are now treatable and several infertility clinics are in the queue to take your case to its immediate effect, but the cost is something that put a halt in the mind of many, even before they start the treatment for it.

Dr Shobha Gupta, the founder and director of Mother’s Lap IVF Centre, explain that just a few decades ago, they are very few people know about the IVF treatment. For the rest of them, it is a mysterious or ambiguous term. All they know about it is that it is an infertility treatment, or they also know it by the name of test tube babies. This is the reason why, most of the people just wonder how much an IVF treatment cost to them? It is only when the issue of infertility spread to wide corner in our country, people start talking, discussing and exploring more about the treatment procedure and the treatment cost of IVF.

A Brief Introduction to Infertility and IVF

Undoubtedly, infertility has become a common phenomenon in our society, There is hardly any couple who left unheard of this term. Today, one in every six couples are affected by infertility and it is no more a secret disease anymore. It is one the part of our stressful life. It is the method of assisted reproduction technology in which a woman’s egg and the male sperm are combined together in a culture dish called In Vitro in a laboratory environment to fertilize. When the embryo develops as a result of fertilization, it is transferred to the uterus, where it is expected to implant in the womb and thus pregnancy occurs. This the one who cycle, the couple usually requires more than one cycle to achieve success through IVF treatment.

The Cost of IVF Treatment

Are on the edge of your seat? Well, let’s start then. To analyze, assess and evaluate the cost of IVF treatment, there is no one mark to read, you have to keep in mind certain things that make it to the overall cost of the treatment.

Whether it is Delhi or some other part of the country IVF treatment cost is not the same anywhere. It might get a bit up and down significantly, depending upon the location and the inclusion of the packages in the whole treatment. It is also in trend to give a specific amount for the whole IVF treatment cycle until you got the result. You might get lucky in the first or second cycle, or it might take 4 or 5 cycles. Whatever the number of cycle you have to pay just once.

The Average Cost of IVF Per Cycle

The average cost of IVF treatment for one cycle is something in between 2.5 lacs to 4 lacs or sometimes more than that. It can be as low as 1-1.5 lacs. Do not be surprise, it is indeed a standard IVF cost which you have to pay for each cycle. It also needs to be envisaged that it usually takes more than one or two cycles to conceive with the help of IVF treatment method.

Delhi IVF Cost Comparison Vs Other States

Sans doubt, if you compare to the Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi from the cost of IVF in other states such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata, you will observe that Delhi’s cost is comparatively cheaper and effective. Thus, it is advantageous for the couples who are living in Delhi and want to pursue IVF treatment. As the location and availability of the technology can impact the cost of the IVF, people from different states make their way to Delhi for the treatment, which is not a big surprise at all.

Advance IVF Treatment Cost

If the patient are willing to go with the advance IVF treatment, again, no surprise, they have to bring out more money from their pocket. For example, if they want to use the ICSI treatment, they have to shell out an additional amount of 1.5 lacs to 2.5 lacs. Similarly, if you chose the option of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), it will cost you around 1.2 lacs in addition to the IVF cost you pay.

The Factors that Influence the Cost of IVF

There are several factors that come into play while you consider the total and ultimate cost of IVF treatment. It may include:

  • The age of the women for IVF treatment

  • The cost of donor egg or sperm for IVF treatment

  • The cost of donor embryo for IVF procedure

  • The cost of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

  • The cost of Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)

  • Freezing of embryo for IVF treatment

This is a clear indication that IVF is going an challenging for you financially. Also, you need to be wary about the false or the cheap cost offer, as it might not include all the charges of the treatment which they may add you later in the final bill. So, it is always wise to discuss the total cost of the treatment which is going to incur on the treatment and there should not be any hidden costs or bill to give you shock later.

By and Large, the cost of IVF in Delhi is comparatively affordable, while the IVF specialists in the IVF clinic possess that ability and equipped with relevant technology and technique to facilitate positive and favorable solutions with the help of IVF treatment method. This is certainly a positive sign for the couples who stake so much with this treatment both on financially and emotional level.

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