Donor IVF

Bringing Hope and Joy to Childless Couples

At Mother's Lap IVF Center in Delhi, we understand the heartache experienced by couples who long for a child but face challenges in conceiving a biological offspring. Donor IVF is the ray of hope that can illuminate their lives. This fertility treatment involves fertilizing a donor's eggs with your partner's sperm, with resulting embryos carefully placed in the uterus to achieve conception. Our center offers a comprehensive and personalized Donor IVF program, eliminating the need for couples to search endlessly for a conclusive solution.

Donor eggs or sperm offer particular advantages, especially for women over the age of 40 or those with genetic conditions. Our Egg Donor Center in India employs a meticulous selection process for donors, involving thorough evaluations of their medical history, physical health, educational and occupational backgrounds, psychological well-being, and ethnicity.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Shobha Gupta and her team, Mother's Lap IVF Center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies to facilitate successful conception. We streamline the entire IVF process, from screening potential egg donors to administering medications and embryo placement, following established IVF protocols. Our comprehensive IVF program eliminates the need for patients to visit multiple pathology centers, fertility clinics, and embryologists separately. We offer all necessary tests, including sonography and blood work, and maintain a well-managed pharmacy, all under one roof.

Success in Donor IVF depends on various factors, and the track record of the treating physician plays a crucial role in building trust between the doctor and the patient. We take pride in our remarkable success rate, assuring you that your most cherished dream can become a reality. As the best egg donation center in Delhi, we are dedicated to fulfilling your hopes and bringing joy to your life.

Meet Our Fertility Doctors

  • Dr. Shobha Gupta