Fertility And Health

To achieve successful fertility treatment outcomes, it's essential that your body is in good health, capable of handling the rigors of pregnancy. Enhancing your fertility requires special attention and care to increase the likelihood of conception. At Mother's Lap IVF Center, our team of infertility specialists and gynecologists provides invaluable guidance to improve your fertility. Ensuring that you are in optimal condition for conceiving a child is of utmost importance.

Being in prime baby-making condition demands extra caution when it comes to diet and physical health, particularly for the intended mother. As the premier center for fertility and reproductive health in India, we offer the best solutions to address your infertility concerns.

Our experts advocate for a proper diet to enhance ovulation. This means consuming foods rich in antioxidants, zinc, minerals, and vitamins, all of which contribute to improved fertility. You'll find these essential nutrients abundantly in green vegetables, grains, citrus fruits, eggs, and more. Eating healthily can boost your fertility.

Alcohol and caffeine, if not controlled, can negatively impact your chances of parenthood. Alcohol can reduce sperm count in men and may cause birth defects when consumed during pregnancy. Similarly, excessive caffeine intake can also impair fertility.

Furthermore, our experts recommend regular, controlled exercise, as it not only improves overall health but also increases the likelihood of conception. However, it's important to avoid strenuous exercises that could disrupt fertility hormones.

Stress is a significant factor in decreased fertility, as it can have adverse effects on egg and sperm production. Anything that serves as your stress-reliever should be integrated into your daily routine.
At Mother's Lap IVF Center, our doctors engage in thorough discussions and extended sessions with intended parents to create comprehensive plans for IVF programs. We guide you every step of the way to ensure the best possible chance of success.

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