International Patients

India's rapid growth across various fields and industries has made it an attractive destination for international patients seeking high-quality medical care at affordable rates. At Mother’s Lap IVF, we not only prioritize medical treatment but also ensure that our international guests have a delightful and comfortable experience during their stay.

Our dedicated Mother’s Lap IVF family is here to assist you with all aspects of your journey, including travel arrangements, accommodations, tourism, and, most importantly, your treatment. We encourage you to explore our beautiful state, immerse yourself in its cultural treasures, and return home with the promise of new life.

India, the second-most populous country in the world, extends a warm welcome to you, offering both cost-effective medical treatment and enriching travel opportunities. Mother’s Lap IVF is well-equipped to cater to all your needs while you undergo treatment in India.

We arrange private transportation for your convenience within the city and its neighboring regions. Moreover, we have established partnerships with highly reliable associates who specialize in organizing travel plans beyond the city limits. These partners offer customized travel packages, arrange accommodations, and handle all related arrangements to ensure your peace of mind.

As you receive top-notch medical care and anticipate the joy of parenthood, you can also explore the wonders of Incredible India. We proudly serve patients from across the globe, as India has emerged as a prominent hub for fertility tourism. Here, you'll find easy access to donors and surrogates, along with world-class infrastructure dedicated to the well-being of international patients like yourself.

Meet Our Fertility Doctors

  • Dr. Shobha Gupta