Taking First Steps

Understanding Infertility

Infertility is the term used when a couple is unable to conceive a child after engaging in unprotected intercourse for approximately one year. This condition can be attributed to various biological factors and can affect both partners, meaning either one or both individuals may face infertility. In approximately 20% of cases, the precise reasons remain unidentified, leading to what is known as unexplained infertility.

While this revelation may be disheartening initially, it's important to recognize that medical science offers effective solutions to address infertility issues. Although infertility can stem from a variety of underlying factors, there are tailored treatments available for different challenges. It is advisable to acknowledge the situation and grant your doctor the opportunity to investigate potential problems or complications contributing to infertility in either you or your partner.

Scheduling a Consultation

Once you are mentally prepared to seek assistance, it becomes crucial to schedule a visit to a medical professional. We are here for you around the clock to assist you in planning your visit. You can easily reach out to us through this website to schedule your appointment. If you are residing in another country, we offer comprehensive services that extend beyond addressing your medical concerns.

We have the means to cater to your tourism needs just as effectively as we address your medical issues. In addition to providing support for your fertility requirements, we believe in building close relationships with all our patients to help you navigate the entire process and even assist in planning your leisure activities if you are traveling from a distant location.

Meet Our Fertility Doctors

  • Shobha Gupta