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IVF Treatment

Best Chance to Conceive through IVF Treatment in Delhi

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the miraculous inventions of medical science which unconditionally transform the way infertility is treated around the world. The affordable IVF treatment in Delhi has just not exploded the doors of opportunity for the childless couples but also revolutionized the whole thinking process of human being. Nobody would have imagined at the time when women are socially stigmatized, disgraced and dishonored due to their inability to reproduce a child that the day would come when the so called barren mother will give birth to her own a baby with the help of infertility treatment in India.

Mother's Lap is one of the renowned and specialized IVF centre in Delhi that delivers number of successful results every year in infertility treatment in India. Mother's lap, considered the best infertility treatment in Delhi is operating and fulfilling the dreams of numerous of childless couple under the supreme supervision and guidance of Dr Shobha Gutpta, the chief mentor and the managing director.  The clinic has a lot of expertise hands and diligent staff members. The clinic has got the reputation of world class state of the art amenities for allocating our patients low cost of IVF treatment in Delhi.

Who is considerable for IVF?

The IVF treatment in Delhi is an effective means of infertility treatment in Delhi for almost all the causes except for women whose fertility is suffered due to anatomic problem with the uterus, for instance, severe intrauterine adhesions.

It is generally used for the couples who have not conceived even after at least one year or more of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Some of the other conditions where low cost of IVF treatment in Delhi can be used are as following:

Blocked or damaged uterus or fallopian tubes due to cancer.

Women having tubal ligation and considering tubal reversal surgery as well as men who are considering vasectomy reversal surgery may also go with affordable IVF treatment in Delhi.

In case of male infertility factors such as low sperm count, zero sperm count or low motility. Even men with poor sperm quality have an opportunity of egg fertilization using the procedure of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) used in IVF low cost treatment in Delhi.

Women who have crossed the age of 35 years and find it difficult to conceive

How does IVF work?

The woman is stimulated with injected medication to develop multiple follicles in the ovaries.

The egg is removed from the ovaries through an egg retrieval process.

These eggs are fertilized in the lab in an incubator.

We culture the embryos for several days and then pick the best one (or more) to implant into the woman womb. The selection of best embryo enhances the success rate considerably.

Affordable IVF treatment in Delhi easing your path towards fertility

Mother's Lap offers an exclusive, affordable and customized infertility treatment in Delhi. With more than a decade of its inception, we specialize in every aspects of infertility treatment such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Donor insemination, PICSI technique, Surrogacy and cryopreservation. Our super specialty center which is rated among the facilitator of best IVF treatment in India renders the best care and consultation and helps you to achieve your dream.

We are elated to proclaim that our low cost IVF treatment in Delhi success rate is as high as 60% which is exceptionally good for any IVF treatment in India. In this way, we have considerably achieved a high overall rate of success only because of the specialized attention we give to our each and every patient at every stage of their IVF procedure. Thus our primary aim is to deliver the best IVF solution with the most low cost IVF treatment in Delhi.